Retaining Wall

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There are two main types of landscaping walls, retaining and free standing.  Both of these types of walls can be decorative.  But, of course, one is more for appearance and the other is for functionality.

Retaining Walls:

This type of wall, by definition, holds back or retains soil.  Typically these types of walls are used to create additional flat areas.  They could also be used to control erosion.  Using today‚Äôs interlocking blocks has proven to be quite effective in achieving both of these types of goals.

Free Standing and Decorative Walls:

These types of walls can separate landscape areas or can be used to divide your patio from lawn.  The different uses for free standing walls are endless.  Decorative walls are available in various materials, textures, colors, and can add interest to any landscape.

Costs will vary depending on the material selected, ease of access to the site, slope, and the height and width of the wall.  Your home can have a strong and beautiful wall that not only provides functionality, but will be pleasing to the eye.  We offer many options that will make your vision come to life.

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