Commercial Gallery

First impressions are one of the most important statements a business can make, and you only get one opportunity.  Whether you’re a large complex – looking to get your grand entrance noticed; a retail store – inviting relaxed shopping or a new company saying – look at us we’re new and exciting.  Your first impression needs to let clients know who you are and what type of business experience they can expect from you.  The entrance to your office should say you’re organized, you’re professional, you’re detail orientated, and ready to serve them.  Tall Oaks Lawn and Landscaping can set up a specialized package to fit your corporate image by Contacting Us.

Landscaping around signs and entrances should be enhancements, highlighting your business, and anything else is missing the point.  Other companies may come in and have a great short term look but that only lasts a few years.  Before long, your “short term” landscaping is overgrown, blocking signs and pathways.

Having maintained commercial properties for over 30 years, we can design a landscape using the needs of your company that will be inviting and last for years.  Offering ideas and plants that require minimal maintenance, can keep your property looking great while staying within budget.

Some of the Commercial Services We Offer:

  • Weekly Mowing
    • (Includes – Edging and Blowing)
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Irrigation
  • Pest Control
  • Turf Fertilizer Programs
  • Lawn Aerations
  • Fall Clean \Up


Level or Even Billing Available