Lawn Care


The easiest way to have a weed free lawn is to have a Thick and Healthy one.  With the help of a proper fertilizing program, our Certified Technicians can make your turf thick, lush, and desirable.  We have programs available for lawns that only require regular maintenance; up to lawns that need a complete renovation.

Our fertilizers provide Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium for your ever growing turf, all year long.  We begin our programs with a fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control to help eliminate weeds and give the turf a healthy start.  We follow with weed control and a level fertilizer throughout the season.  Our final application of fertilizer is higher in nitrogen to promote root growth, in preparation for winter.

Turf Weed Control:

As above, the best defense against weeds is a thick and lush lawn.  A healthy lawn will help prevent weeds from getting the opportunity to germinate.  Applying an early spring application of pre-emergent will help control weed seeds (i.e. crabgrass, dandelions and undesirable grasses).  Later in the year, if other weeds are noticed, we apply a selective weed control, as part of our program.

Lawn Care Services We Provide:

  • Pre Emergent
  • Balanced Fertilizers with Selective Weed Control
  • Surface Insect Control
  • Grub and Sub-Surface Insect Control
  • Round Up Spot Control for Driveways, Walkways, and Patios
  • Crabgrass and other Weed Grass Control
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Fungicide Treatments