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As with all inside designs, outside designs should follow the same rules of “Form & Function”.  Tall Oaks Lawn & Landscaping brings the knowledge of site and plant form to the equation.  However, we believe that only the client can bring the expectation of function to a successful collaboration.  Our designers are experts when it comes to the innovative combination of client design preferences and plant realities.

Additional factors when designing, that should be considered, would be soil pH, sun & shade conditions, water availability, eventual plant size, cold hardiness, insect & disease susceptibility, color, and believe it or not, plant fragrances.  The proper landscaping design, along with the proper maintenance program, will continue to be a beautiful addition to your home for decades.

Because we have over 30 years of experience, your designer has the knowledge to incorporate walkways, patios, fountains, lighting and irrigation into a creative and complete landscaping.  We have the ability to change an unsightly problem into a beautiful enhancement to the design.  An ugly downspout splash block can be converted into an attractive and functional creek stone dry wash area.  Even a natural spring can become a dazzling waterfall.

Excited about seeing what your landscaping can become?  Schedule an appointment with your very own professional designer.